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About Ken Marshall

Distorted heads and surrealistic animals painted and etched out onto metal sheets with automotive paint doesn't typically describe fine art, but it certainly leads you into the visionary mind of Ken Marshall, who is inspired by the works of Munakata Shiko and Eugene Delacroix.

Marshall's innovative approach to fine art, has earned him a reputation throughout Los Angeles as an artist's artist. His work ranges from mixed media, to metal sculptures, to your standard, but never dull, oil on canvas.

Born in Berkeley, California, Marshall didn't express a sincere interest in art until he and his family moved to his mother's native Japan. There his mother and father took him to art shows that inspired him.One show in particular, was Delacroix's lithograph "Mephistopheles flying over Wittenberg" which he describes as a "powerful experience."

With inspiration and talent, Marshall accredits his success to his childhood art teacher, Stelarc, and to his parents; all of who have led him on a crunchy path to start out on.